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O-1B Visa - Complete Do it Yourself Kit


Product Description

This complete Do-it-Yourself U.S. immigration kit, includes everything you need to obtain the O-1B Visa for Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Entertainment or Media. 

This kit features step by step instructions, fillable & editable USCIS forms, and sample completed forms. 

The fillable & editable USCIS forms are especially useful as it allows you to enter and edit your information on your computer and print out your completed USCIS forms. 

This immediately downloadable kit is in .pdf format and can be viewed and printed using the free Adobe Reader. 

Table of Contents: 

Who Qualifies
Step by Step Instructions
Step 1) Completing the USCIS Forms I-129 and O Supplement

Completing USCIS Form I-129
Completing USCIS O Supplement

Step 2) Gathering the Required Supporting Documents

Required Supporting Documents Checklist
How to obtain Notarized English Translations
How to obtain an Academic Evaluation

Step 3) Preparing the Job Offer Letter

How to write the Job Offer Letter
Sample Job Offer Letter

Step 4) Obtaining the Written Consultation/Advisory Opinion 

How to prepare the written consultation/advisory opinion
Sample written consultations/advisory opinions
List of organizations that will write the written consultation/advisory opinion

Step 5) Obtaining the No Objection Letter if the Position is covered by a Union Contract  

How to prepare the No Objection Letter
Sample No Objection Letter

Step 6) Filing the Petition with USCIS

Correct Order of Documents
Where to send your O-1 Visa Petition
USCIS Filing Fees for your O-1 Visa Petition
How to use Premium Processing
How to check the status of your petition with USCIS
What to do if you receive an RFE (Request for Evidence)
Receiving the Approval Notice

Frequently Asked Questions
Sample USCIS Forms

Sample USCIS Form I-907 – Request for Premium Processing
Sample USCIS Form I-129 – Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
Sample USCIS Form O Supplement to Form I-129
Sample USCIS Form I-539 – Application to Change / Extend O-3 Status for Spouse and Children Dependents

Blank / Fillable / Editable USCIS Forms

Blank Fillable / Editable USCIS Form I-907 – Request for Premium Processing
Blank Fillable / Editable USCIS Form I-129 – Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
Blank Fillable / Editable USCIS Form O Supplement to Form I-129
Blank Fillable / Editable USCIS Form I-539 – For Renewal / Extension of O-3 Status Spouse and Children Dependents


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